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Automating CRM Tagging: Integrating Typeform Responses with Contactually via Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

In the digital age, streamlining your customer relationship management (CRM) processes is crucial for maintaining efficiency and personalization in your business. Utilizing tools like Typeform for data collection and Contactually for CRM can significantly enhance your customer interactions. But how do you ensure that the data collected via Typeform is effectively categorized in Contactually? The answer is simple: integrate them using Zapier.

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that connects your favorite apps and services, enabling them to work together seamlessly. Here's how you can apply different tags to your contacts in Contactually based on their responses in Typeform—automatically and without the need for manual input.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tagging Contacts in Contactually Based on Typeform Responses

Step 1: Create a Typeform
Begin by creating a form in Typeform that captures the necessary data from your contacts. Make sure to design questions that will inform the tags you want to apply—such as customer preferences, product interests, or service feedback.

Step 2: Set Up Your Contactually Account
Ensure your Contactually account is ready to receive new contacts and has pre-defined tags that correspond to the answers you expect in your Typeform.

Step 3: Make a Zap
A 'Zap' is an automated workflow in Zapier. Start by creating a new Zap and choosing Typeform as the trigger app. Select the trigger event 'New Entry,' which activates when a new form submission is received.

Step 4: Connect Your Typeform to Zapier
Log in to your Typeform account within Zapier and select the specific form you want to work with. Test the connection to ensure that Zapier is pulling in new entries correctly.

Step 5: Define the Action in Contactually
Next, choose Contactually as the action app where the results from the trigger will be sent. You might need to log into your Contactually account within Zapier if you haven't already done so.

Step 6: Set Up Action Details in Contactually
For the action, select 'Create or Update Contact.' With this selection, you can define how the information from Typeform entries should be used to update contacts in Contactually. Map the fields from the Typeform entry to Contactually fields, making sure to include the tags sections.

Step 7: Use Conditional Logic for Tags
To apply specific tags based on responses, Zapier's Filter and Formatter utilities come in handy. Filters allow the Zap to proceed only if certain conditions are met—like specific answers in a Typeform entry. Meanwhile, Formatter can be used to transform data or assign tags as needed.

Step 8: Test and Activate Your Zap
Before making your Zap live, test it thoroughly to ensure it behaves as expected. Once satisfied, activate the Zap, and watch as your Contactually contacts are automatically tagged according to Typeform responses, with no additional work on your part.

Through this smart integration, your business can automate the segmentation of contacts, allowing for targeted communication and marketing efforts, ultimately saving time and increasing effectiveness. Keep your interactions relevant and timely by leveraging the synergy between Typeform, Zapier, and Contactually.

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