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Combining Data with Ease: How to Add Two Strings in Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Mastering the art of automation with Zapier involves understanding how to manipulate data seamlessly. Whether you’re working on streamlining your business processes or just making your personal tasks more efficient, Zapier is a powerful tool that can connect your favorite apps and services together.

One common task you might encounter is the need to add two strings together - a process essential in formatting messages, organizing data clearer, or creating new content dynamically.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Two Strings in Zapier

Step 1: Create or Choose a Zap
Start by either creating a new zap or selecting an existing one where you need the strings to be combined.

Step 2: Find ‘Formatter’ Action
Under the ‘Choose Action Event’ section, search and select the ‘Formatter’ action from the list of apps. Zapier's Formatter tool is a Swiss army knife for manipulating text, dates, numbers, and more.

Step 3: Set Up Formatter for Text
Once Formatter is chosen, set your ‘Action Event’ to ‘Text’. Within this category, you will find various text operations, including the ‘Add’ function.

Step 4: Choose ‘Add’ Function
Select the ‘Add’ function to append one string to another. You’ll be presented with fields where you can input the strings you wish to combine.

Step 5: Input Your Strings
In the ‘Input’ field, input your first string. Use the second available field to input the second string. You can also use data from previous steps in your zap in these fields.

Step 6: Test Your Zap
After setting up your text inputs, test the action to ensure your strings are combined as expected. If everything looks good, you’re ready to turn on your Zap and automate this task.

With this simple function, you can tailor data to meet your needs without manual intervention. Whether it's preparing email bodies, generating report titles, or curating personalized notifications, adding strings together is just the beginning of how Zapier can unlock efficiency and creativity.

Remember that if you encounter any limitations or need additional functions, Zapier’s Formatter offers a host of other options for text transformation, from removing HTML from text to performing find and replace operations.

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