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Integrate JVZoo with Zapier: Step-by-Step API Connection Guide

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Are you looking to streamline your e-commerce processes by integrating JVZoo with Zapier? You've come to the right place! This guide takes you through the seamless process of making an API with JVZoo using Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, like JVZoo, Gmail, Slack, and now over a thousand others. By setting up automated workflows—which Zapier calls Zaps—you can eliminate tedious tasks from your to-do list and enhance your overall productivity. This is especially beneficial for online entrepreneurs and marketers who use digital platforms like JVZoo for affiliate marketing.

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account
Start by signing up for a Zapier account at if you haven’t already. It’s swift and straightforward, and there’s a free plan available.

Step 2: Find the JVZoo App
Once logged in, use the ‘Make a Zap’ button to begin creating your workflow. That’s where you'd typically look for the JVZoo app. However, as of the last update, JVZoo might not be officially listed in the Zapier directory.

Step 3: Custom Integration Via Webhooks
Fret not, because there's a workaround using Webhooks by Zapier. Select the ‘Webhooks by Zapier’ trigger, which allows you to connect to any service with a publicly available API.

Step 4: Set Up the Webhook
Now, in a new tab, log into your JVZoo account to find your API details. With the API key and the relevant URL endpoints in hand, return to Zapier to set up the Webhook. Enter the necessary details, such as the ‘Catch Hook’ or ‘Post’ action as required by the data you’re looking to integrate.

Step 5: Test the Integration
After setting up the Webhook, make sure to test it. Zapier will show you a sample data to confirm that the connection is successful. Follow the prompts provided by the platform.

Step 6: Finalize Your Workflow
Add an action app to your Zap. For instance, if you want to add new JVZoo customers to a mailing list, search for your email marketing app in Zapier’s action step, and configure it accordingly.

Step 7: Turn Your Zap On
With everything in place, name your Zap for easy identification and turn it on. Congratulations, you’ve automated a connection between JVZoo and another app without a direct Zapier integration!

Helpful Tips:

  • Always test your Zaps to ensure that the data is being transmitted correctly.

  • If you encounter any issues or need advanced help, check Zapier's support resources or consult with a developer.

Zapier offers immense flexibility and can interconnect a vast array of platforms to tailor to your e-commerce and affiliate marketing needs. With these steps, you’ll enhance the synergy between your JVZoo sales and other applications, leading to increased efficiency and more time to focus on growing your business.

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