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Removing Interfaces in Airtable: Step-by-Step Guide

Published on Mar 30th, 2024

Interfaces in Airtable provide a dynamic way to create custom views and interactive features for your Airtable bases. However, there are times when an interface may no longer be needed and removing it becomes necessary. Here's how to delete an interface in Airtable efficiently and safely.

Step 1: Access Your Interface Designer

Log into your Airtable account and open the base containing the interface you wish to delete. Click on the 'Interfaces' tab located at the top of your screen to access the Interface Designer.

Step 2: Select the Interface to Delete

Inside the Interface Designer, you'll see all your interfaces listed. Navigate to the interface that you want to delete.

Step 3: Open Interface Settings

With the interface selected, look for the '...' (more options) button at the top-right corner of the interface panel. Clicking this will open a menu with several options.

Step 4: Delete the Interface

In the options menu, find and select 'Delete interface'. You will be prompted to confirm this action. Ensure that you have backed up any necessary information beforehand, as this action cannot be undone.

Step 5: Confirm Deletion

After confirmation, Airtable will permanently delete the interface from your base. You will no longer be able to view or interact with that specific interface.


Deleting an interface can help streamline your workspace and keep your Airtable base organized. If you're looking to optimize your databases or streamline workflows, consider consulting with a tech expert to learn more efficient methods of Airtable management.

Remember, careful consideration should be taken before deleting an interface, as this cannot be reversed. Ensure all relevant data is backed up and that all team members are informed of the changes.

By following these steps, you can successfully remove unwanted interfaces and maintain an efficient and organized base in Airtable.

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