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Seamlessly Setting Campaign Names in Gravity Forms via Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Integrating Gravity Forms with Zapier is an exceptionally powerful way to automate workflows and ensure data from your forms is pushed to various other platforms and services effectively. If you’re utilizing Gravity Forms for your campaigns, setting the campaign name correctly when linking it with Zapier is crucial for organized tracking and reporting.

The first step in this integration process is to make sure you have Gravity Forms installed and activated on your WordPress site, as well as an account with Zapier. Once that’s in place, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create Your Form: In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Gravity Forms 'Forms' section and either create a new form or select an existing form that you wish to use for your campaign.

  2. Set Up Zapier Feed: Within the form settings, look for the Zapier section. From here, you can 'Add New' to create a Zapier feed. This feed will determine how your form data is sent to Zapier.

  3. Assigning the Campaign Name: When setting up the Zapier feed, you’ll find a section for 'Form Fields'. It's here you can select the fields from your form to be sent to Zapier. For the campaign name, you can use a hidden field in your form that holds the campaign name value or a dynamic field if the campaign name should change depending on user input or other factors.

  1. Configuring Zapier: Log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap. Choose Gravity Forms as your trigger app and follow the prompts to connect your account. When you get to the 'Set up trigger' step, be sure to choose the form you've just configured.

  2. Mapping Fields: Proceed to the 'Action' step in your Zap setup, where you'll define what happens with the form data. Here, you will map the campaign name field (from the step where you assigned it) to the corresponding field in the destination application (e.g., your CRM, email marketing tool, or a spreadsheet).

  3. Testing Your Zap: It's critical to test your Zap to ensure that the campaign name and other data is being passed correctly. Go through the testing phase in Zapier, submit a test entry on your Gravity Forms, and verify the campaign name appears as expected in the destination you’ve configured.

  1. Activate Your Zap: Once the test is successful, you can activate your Zap. Your campaign name will now be set and sent along with your form entries every time the form is submitted.

For further customization or troubleshooting, both Gravity Forms and Zapier offer extensive documentation and support.

By accurately setting the campaign name when integrating Gravity Forms with Zapier, you'll streamline your marketing efforts and maintain precise records of your campaigns, hence significantly improving your lead tracking and conversion rates.

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