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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Zapier Evernote Integration

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Integrating Evernote with Zapier unlocks a new level of productivity by automating your note-taking process. Regardless of your technical expertise, setting up a Zapier Evernote Zap is simple and straightforward. Below, we'll walk you through the steps to create your first Evernote Zap and start streamlining your workflow today.

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, visit and sign up for a free account. Activation is usually immediate, and once set up, you can begin creating zaps.

Step 2: Choose Your Trigger App

The trigger is the event that starts your Zap. To set up your Evernote Zap:

  1. Click 'Make a Zap' to begin.

  2. In the search box, type in and select Evernote as your trigger app.

  3. Choose the specific Evernote trigger event - such as 'New Note' or 'New Notebook' - that will prompt your Zap.

Step 3: Connect Your Evernote Account

Once you've selected your trigger event, you'll be asked to connect your Evernote account to Zapier by signing in and giving permission. This allows Zapier to access your account and trigger automations.

Step 4: Set Up Trigger Details

Decide on the specific notebook or note criteria that will initiate your Zap, and customize any additional parameters needed for the trigger event you've chosen.

Step 5: Choose Your Action App

After setting up your trigger, you need to pick the action app - the app where the action will take place after the trigger occurs. Search and select from the list of apps integrated with Zapier that you’d like to connect to Evernote.

Step 6: Configure Your Action

Set up the specific action you want to perform. This might involve creating a new task in a task management app whenever a new note is added in Evernote, for example.

Step 7: Test Your Zap

Zapier will offer the option to test your Zap to ensure it's working correctly. Follow the prompts to test, and if successful, your Evernote integration is ready to go!

Step 8: Name and Enable the Zap

Give your Zap a meaningful name and toggle it to 'On'. Your Evernote automation is now set up and will run automatically according to your specified triggers and actions.

By harnessing the power of Evernote and Zapier, you can automate tasks, boost productivity, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. For those seeking to enhance efficiency, an Evernote Zap is a powerful addition to any tech toolkit.

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