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Streamlining Scheduling: Integrate Multiple Google Calendars with Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

In today's fast-paced digital environment, managing various schedules and appointments can be challenging, especially when they're spread across multiple Google Calendars. Fortunately, Zapier—a leading automation tool—provides a seamless solution to integrate multiple Google Calendars, making it easier for individuals and businesses to streamline their event management.

Integrating multiple Google Calendars through Zapier involves connecting your calendars to other apps to automate tasks, such as event creation, reminders, or even syncing across different platforms. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

  1. Sign Up for Zapier: First, you need an active Zapier account. If you don't have one, head to and sign up.

  2. Choose Your Trigger App: Log in to Zapier and click on 'Make a Zap.' For the trigger app, choose 'Google Calendar.' You'll need to authorize Zapier to access your Google account.

  3. Select the Trigger Event: Decide what action in Google Calendar should start the automation. This could be 'New Event,' 'Updated Event,' or 'Event Start.'

  1. Connect Your Google Calendar: Specify which Google Calendar should be monitored for the trigger event. You can select from the calendars linked to your Google account.

  2. Choose Your Action App: After setting the trigger, select the app where the action will take place—this might be another Google Calendar or a different application altogether.

  3. Determine the Action Event: Define what should happen when the trigger event occurs. This might include creating an event in another calendar, sending a notification, or any other available action within Zapier.

  1. Test Your Zap: Before going live, Zapier allows you to test the trigger and action to ensure everything works as expected.

  2. Name and Turn On Your Zap: Give your Zap a descriptive name and turn it on. Your Google Calendars will now be integrated per your specifications.

With the ability to integrate multiple Google Calendars, you're no longer juggling between different calendars or worrying about double bookings. This integration can lead to enhanced productivity, better time management, and an organized schedule that's easy to follow.

Remember to explore advanced features and filters offered by Zapier to further refine how events are copied, modified, or synced across your calendars. The possibilities are extensive and can be tailored specifically to your workflow requirements.

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