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Effortlessly Schedule Hootsuite Posts with Google Calendar and Zapier Integration

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Integrating your digital marketing tools can streamline your workflow and increase your productivity. If you're looking to automate your social media strategy, particularly with scheduling posts on Hootsuite, Zapier’s integration with Google Calendar can be a game-changer. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple process of scheduling your Hootsuite posts using Google Calendar and Zapier. With these steps, you'll be able to plan your social media content more efficiently.

Step 1: Set Up Your Google Calendar for Hootsuite Posts
First, create a new Google Calendar specifically for your Hootsuite posts. This will help you keep your post schedule separate from your other events and commitments. You can name this calendar Hootsuite Posting Schedule for easy identification.

Step 2: Create a Zapier Account
If you haven't already, sign up for a Zapier account at Zapier is an automation tool that connects your apps and services, like Google Calendar and Hootsuite, to work together seamlessly.

Step 3: Create the Zap
Log in to your Zapier account and click on 'Make a Zap'. A 'Zap' is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services. For the Trigger, choose Google Calendar and select the trigger event 'New Event Starting Soon'. Follow the prompts to connect your Google Calendar account and choose the specific calendar you've created for Hootsuite posts.

Step 4: Set the Trigger
Once your calendar is connected, define how much time in advance you want the trigger to occur before the event start time. This could be as little as 5 minutes or as much as several days, depending on your scheduling preferences.

Step 5: Connect Hootsuite as the Action
Next, choose Hootsuite as the action that Zapier will perform. You'll need to connect your Hootsuite account to Zapier. After connecting, select the action 'Create Message' so that Zapier knows to post content whenever the Google Calendar event begins.

Step 6: Customize Your Message
Here, you’ll tell Zapier what to post to your Hootsuite account. You can pull information directly from your Google Calendar event details, such as event description for the post content, or you can specify a custom message. Don't forget to specify which of your social profiles the post should go to.

Step 7: Test Your Zap
Before going live, it's crucial to test your Zap. Create a sample event in your Google Calendar and watch as Zapier triggers the action in Hootsuite. Ensure that the post looks exactly as you want it to on your social media profiles.

Step 8: Activate Your Zap
Once you're satisfied with the setup, turn on your Zap. Your posts will now be automatically scheduled on Hootsuite whenever you add a new event to your Google Calendar.

Scheduling Hootsuite posts via Google Calendar with Zapier is not only straightforward but also a time-saving approach for managing your social media campaigns. By leveraging this powerful automation, you'll ensure consistency in your online presence, boost your social media strategy, and have more time to focus on creating engaging content.

Remember to revisit your Zaps periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly and to make adjustments as your social media calendar evolves.

By following these steps, businesses and marketers alike can enhance their social media management and maintain an active presence online with minimal manual intervention.

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