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Effortlessly Share Your Zaps with Zapier: A Step-by-Step Guide

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

In today's interconnected digital world, Zapier stands out as a powerful tool for automating tasks between different web applications, effectively streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. One of the valuable features of Zapier is the ability to share Zaps—Zapier's term for automated workflows—with your team or clients, enabling seamless collaboration. Here's how you can share your Zaps using Zapier in a few easy steps.

Start by logging into your Zapier account. Once you're in, locate the Zap you wish to share from your Zapier dashboard. If your Zap is currently active, make sure to turn it off before proceeding to share it, as Zaps can only be shared while inactive.

Next, click on the 'Settings' tab of your Zap and scroll to the 'Share this Zap' section. You'll see an option to create a 'Shareable link.' Click on the 'Create a shareable link' button, and Zapier will generate a unique, secure link for your Zap.

With this link, you can now invite collaborators to view and use the Zap you have designed. Copy the link and distribute it to your intended recipients through email, chat, or any other preferred communication channel.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they'll be prompted to log in to their own Zapier account—or create a new one if they haven't already—and then they can add the shared Zap into their dashboard. Importantly, when someone accepts a shared Zap, they need to go through the setup process, including connecting their own accounts and configuring any specific options necessary for their use case.

For added security and control, it's worth noting that you can revoke access to your shared Zaps at any time. Simply return to the 'Share this Zap' settings and disable the shareable link. This ensures that if a project concludes or team members change, you retain complete control over who has access to your workflows.

By following these simple directions, sharing Zaps with your team or clients becomes a breeze, further enhancing the collaborative and integrative power of Zapier. Remember to review your Zaps and consider the data access permissions you grant when sharing, to maintain privacy and security for all involved users.

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