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Integrating Zapier with Amazon for Order Total Summation

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Integrating sales data into your workflow is essential for efficient business management, and that often involves aggregating order totals from various platforms. If you're utilizing Amazon as a seller, Zapier can be an incredibly useful tool to help you automate this process. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pull in order totals from Amazon using Zapier, which can save time and reduce errors in your sales management process.

Preparing Your Amazon Account

Before we dive into Zapier, ensure that your Amazon account is set up to allow access to the necessary data. This might involve:

  • Setting up Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Services)

  • Granting API access to Zapier

Creating a Zap

Here's how you start creating your 'Zap' (an automated workflow in Zapier terminology):

  1. Log in to Zapier - Create or log into your Zapier account.

  2. Make a New Zap - Click the 'Make a Zap!' button.

Setting Up the Trigger

  1. Choose Amazon Seller Central - This is often considered the 'Trigger' app.

  2. Select the Trigger Event - Choose 'New Order' to trigger when a new order is created in your Amazon account.

  3. Connect Your Amazon Account - Follow Zapier's instructions to connect your Amazon Seller Central account.

Setting Up the Action

  1. Choose a Destination App - This might be a spreadsheet app like Google Sheets, a bookkeeping app like QuickBooks, or any other Zapier-supported app where you want your order totals to be collated.

  2. Define the Action Event - For instance, select 'Create Row' in Google Sheets.

  3. Customize the Data Input - Specify which data from the Amazon order you desire to capture. This would include selecting 'Order Total'.

  4. Map Fields - Ensure that the 'Order Total' data point from Amazon correctly maps to a corresponding field in your chosen destination app.

  5. Test and Activate Your Zap - Run a test to make sure the data pulls in correctly, then activate your Zap to automate the process.

Pro Tips

  • Data Manipulation - You might need to format order totals or aggregate them; look for additional Zapier actions or use a function in your destination app.

  • Scheduled Checks - Set your Zap to check regularly for new orders to ensure timely updates.

By integrating Amazon order totals with other business management tools using Zapier, you can streamline your sales process, enhancing productivity and giving you more time to focus on growth strategies.

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