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Mastering 'Contains' Query in Zapier for Streamlined Workflows

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Searching through your data efficiently is critical in making the most of automation tools like Zapier. Zapier's powerful platform allows you to set up automated triggers and actions between over 3,000 apps. However, when dealing with data, you might need to check if a piece of text contains a specific word or phrase before deciding the next step in your workflow. This is where a 'contains' query can be incredibly useful. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the 'contains' condition in Zapier to refine your automations:

Understanding Triggers and Actions

To start with, you should have a basic understanding of how triggers and actions work within Zapier. Triggers are the events that start a Zap, and Actions are what the Zap does in response. You'll want to apply the 'contains' query as a filter between these two.

Setting Up a Filter

  1. Create or edit a Zap: Start by either creating a new Zap or editing an existing one.

  2. Add a Filter step: After your trigger and before your action, add a Filter. This option can be found under the + icon between steps.

  3. Configure the Filter: Within the Filter setup, choose the field you want to check from the dropdown menu. Then, in the condition dropdown, select 'Text contains'.

  4. Enter the Search Term: In the value field, input the word or phrase you want the field data to contain. Zapier will only continue with the action if the text contains this value.

Testing Your Filter

After setting up your filter, it's crucial to test it. Zapier provides a 'Test & Review' option for this. Click this to make sure the Filter is working as intended and that it allows the workflow to proceed only when the criteria is met.

Advanced Tips

  • Use Regular Expressions: For more advanced searches, you can use regular expressions in your contains query by clicking on the small text 'Use a Custom Value (advanced)' in the condition dropdown menu.

  • Combine Conditions: Sometimes, you may want to check if a text contains multiple phrases or words. You can do this by setting up multiple filter steps or using the 'AND'/'OR' conditions within a single filter.

Remember to continually update and refine your Zaps as your automation needs change. Effective use of 'contains' queries can ensure your workflows remain sophisticated and tailored to your specific requirements.

Understanding how to query on 'contains' in Zapier can significantly enhance your automation capabilities, making your workflows more precise and efficient.

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