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Mastering Text Formatting in Trello: How to Bold Text via Zapier Automation

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Efficient workflow automation and task management are vital for productivity in today's fast-paced business environment. Leveraging tools like Zapier to connect different software has become commonplace. If you're looking to enhance your Trello experience by adding bold text through Zapier, this guide will walk you through every step to achieve precisely that.

Step-by-Step Guide to Bold Text from Zapier to Trello

Understanding Markdown in Trello

Before diving into the integration process, it is essential to understand that Trello uses Markdown for text formatting. To bold text, you need to encapsulate your text within double asterisks **like this**.

Setting Up Your Zap

  1. Create a New Zap: Log in to your Zapier account and click on the 'Make a Zap!' button.

  2. Choose Your Trigger App: Select the application that will serve as the trigger for your Zap.

  3. Set Up Trigger Details: Follow the prompts to specify the details of your trigger. For example, if you want to bold a piece of text every time a new email is received, you should set up the email service as your trigger.

  4. Select Trello as Your Action App: After setting up the trigger, choose Trello as the action app where the result (in this case, bold text) will appear.

  5. Customize Trello Card Content: Proceed to specify the details for the card creation in Trello. This is where the bold text formatting will apply.

    To bold text, insert your text between double asterisks in the 'Card Name' or 'Description' fields, e.g., **Your Bold Text Here**.

  6. Test Your Zap: Test the Zap to make sure it triggers the action as expected and the text appears bold in Trello.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Make sure there is no space between the asterisks and your text for the markdown to work correctly.

  • Double-check if the selected trigger app is correctly linked to Zapier.

  • Review Trello's Markdown support to ensure that your text is formatted according to its guidelines.


Integrating Zapier with Trello to format text can significantly enhance your project management capabilities. Now that you know how to bold text in Trello cards through Zapier, you can add more emphasis to important tasks, ensuring that high-priority items stand out.

Further Customization

Once you've mastered bold text, consider exploring other Markdown formatting options available in Trello such as italics, bullet points, and more, to further enrich your project boards.

Remember, implementing these small changes through automation can lead to significant improvements in clarity and efficiency of your workflows. Start using bold text in Trello via Zapier today and experience streamlined project management like never before.

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