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Optimize Your Sales and Billing Process: Integrating Salesflare with Invoicing Software via Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Seamless Integration for Efficient Billing

In the digital era, businesses are always looking for ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency. If you're using Salesflare for customer relationship management, integrating your CRM with an effective billing and invoicing solution is essential. Thankfully, Zapier—a robust automation tool—allows Salesflare to connect with a range of billing and invoicing software, making this process smooth and automated.

Top Billing and Invoicing Software Compatible with Salesflare

  1. QuickBooks: An industry leader in accounting software, QuickBooks offers comprehensive invoicing features and can be linked with Salesflare for a synchronized accounting experience.

  2. Xero: Known for its user-friendly interface, Xero's cloud-based platform is ideal for managing financial activities, and its connection with Salesflare through Zapier ensures that sales data is always up to date.

  3. FreshBooks: With a focus on small businesses and freelancers, FreshBooks' intuitive invoicing features pair well with Salesflare, providing users with an effective way to manage finances alongside customer relationships.

  1. Zoho Invoice: For those already in the Zoho ecosystem, Zoho Invoice offers seamless integration with Salesflare, consolidating client information and financial transactions in one place.

  2. Stripe: Although primarily a payment processing tool, Stripe's invoicing capabilities can also be harnessed by integrating with Salesflare through Zapier for an all-in-one payment and CRM solution.

How to Connect Your Billing Software with Salesflare

The process to link your chosen billing platform with Salesflare via Zapier involves setting up a 'Zap'—an automated workflow that triggers actions between the two services. Here's a simplified walkthrough:

  1. Create a Zapier Account: If you haven't yet, sign up for Zapier.

  2. Choose Your Trigger and Action: From Salesflare, pick a trigger event (like a new deal) and couple it with an action in your billing software (like creating an invoice).

  3. Customize Your Zap: Tailor the Zap to match your specific workflow requirements—choose what information is carried over and how it's formatted.

  1. Test and Activate Your Zap: Once set up, test the Zap to ensure it's working correctly before setting it live.

Advantages of Linking Salesflare with Your Invoicing System

By integrating your CRM with invoicing software through Zapier, you capitalize on numerous benefits:

  • Automated Data Entry: Eliminate manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time.

  • Improved Cash Flow Management: With synchronized systems, you can better track payments and follow-ups.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalized invoicing based on customer interactions logged in Salesflare can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Centralized Information: Access client information and financial data in one unified place.


Connecting Salesflare with your billing and invoicing software through Zapier enables you to automate your sales and payment processes, boosting productivity and ensuring your financial data is always synchronized with your CRM activities. With a plethora of software options to choose from, there's a solution that fits every business need.

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