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Splitting Full Names into First and Last Names in Zapier Workflows

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

When automating processes with Zapier, you might encounter scenarios where you need to separate a full name into first and last names within your workflows. This can be essential for personalized communications or data management. Here's a straightforward guide on how to split names in Zapier using built-in functions.

Step 1: Trigger Your Zap

Start by setting up your trigger, the event that starts your Zap. This could be a new form entry, a new row in a spreadsheet, or any other event that includes a full name you need to split.

Step 2: Use Formatter by Zapier

  1. Add a new step to your Zap: choose 'Formatter' by Zapier as the Action app.

  2. Within Formatter, select the 'Utilities' option.

  3. For the 'Transform' field, pick 'Split Text'.

Step 3: Configure Split Text

  1. In the 'Input' field, insert the field from your trigger that contains the full name.

  2. For the 'Separator' field, type the character that divides the first name and last name, commonly a space (' ').

  3. Specify 'Segment Index'. If you want the first name, enter '1'. For the last name, enter 'Last'.

Step 4: Test and Continue

After setting up the Formatter step, test it to ensure it's splitting the name correctly. You should see two outputs: one for the first name and another for the last name.

Step 5: Utilize Split Names

Now that you have the split names, you can use them in subsequent Zap steps, like personalizing emails or updating CRM fields.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage name data within your automated workflows, ensuring a more personalized and organized system within your toolset provided by Zapier.

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