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Streamline Your Email Marketing: Tagging Purchasers in ConvertKit Without Using Zapier

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Simplify Your E-Commerce Communication with ConvertKit Tags

Are you looking to streamline your email marketing efforts by tagging purchasers directly in ConvertKit without the added complexity of integration tools like Zapier? You're in luck, as ConvertKit offers robust tagging capabilities that allow you to organize your subscribers and tailor your marketing strategy effectively.

Step-by-Step Process of Tagging Purchasers in ConvertKit

  1. Create a Tag in ConvertKit:
    Start by navigating to the 'Subscribers' tab in ConvertKit. Here, you will find the 'Tags' option. Click on 'Create a Tag' and label it appropriately, such as 'Purchased - [Your Product Name]'.

  2. Utilize ConvertKit Forms or Landing Pages:
    During the checkout process on your website, ensure that you are using ConvertKit forms or landing pages. This setup will directly capture purchaser information and add them to your subscriber list.

  3. Automate the Tagging with ConvertKit Rules:

Go to the 'Automations' tab and select 'Rules'. Here you can create a new rule. Select the trigger 'Purchases a product' and choose the appropriate action like 'Add tag to subscriber'. Pair your product with the tag you’ve created.

  1. Integrate with Your E-Commerce Platform (if applicable):
    If your e-commerce platform is supported by ConvertKit, you can use the provided integrations to link purchases to ConvertKit subscribers. These integrations usually have built-in functionality to tag purchasers accordingly.

  2. Manual Tagging for Purchases:
    For platforms that do not integrate directly, you may have to manually add a tag to each purchaser. You can do this by uploading a CSV file of purchasers to ConvertKit, or by manually editing subscriber details.

Advanced Tips

  • Customizing Email Sequences: Use tags to trigger specific email sequences for post-purchase engagement or upsells.

  • Segmenting Your List: Analyze your tagged purchasers to create targeted campaigns and provide relevant content.

By mastering these steps, you can enhance your subscriber management and create more focused and successful email marketing campaigns without needing an intermediary like Zapier.

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