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Understanding Zapier Update Frequency: Keeping Automations Current

Published on Feb 28th, 2024

Understanding Zapier Update Frequency: Keeping Automations Current

In the fast-paced world of technology and automation, staying updated is key. One of the common questions that arise among users of Zapier, the popular automation tool that connects your favorite apps, is: How often does Zapier update?

Zapier updates can refer to two different aspects: the frequency of task update checks within Zaps, and the release of new features or updates to the platform itself.

Task Update Frequency in Zaps

Zapier performs checks for new data in your trigger app to run the actions in your workflow. The frequency of these checks depends on the plan you are on:

  • For free plans, Zapier checks for new data every 15 minutes.

  • For starter plans, it reduces the interval to 5 minutes.

  • For professional plans and higher, checks occur every 2 minutes, providing near real-time automation.

This ensures that your workflows run smoothly and efficiently, without significant delays.

Platform and Feature Updates

Zapier is committed to improving user experience and frequently rolls out improvements and new features. Updates to the platform are less predictable but generally follow a continuous deployment philosophy:

  • Major Updates are announced and rolled out several times a year, bringing new features and major improvements.

  • Minor Updates can occur more frequently, even weekly or bi-weekly, focusing on bug fixes, performance improvements, and incremental enhancements.

Zapier's approach to updates ensures that users consistently have access to the latest functionalities and a reliable service. To stay informed about the latest updates, users can subscribe to the Zapier updates blog or follow them on social media.


Zapier automations require regular checks for new data to execute tasks timely. The frequency of these checks varies based on your subscription plan. Meanwhile, the platform itself is undergoing continuous enhancement, with frequent updates that include both significant and minor changes. Staying abreast with these updates will help you leverage Zapier to its fullest potential.

Understanding the update mechanisms of Zapier keeps your workflows efficient and your productivity high, making it an invaluable asset in your automated processes.

Stay Updated with Zapier

Keep ahead of automation and productivity by understanding and leveraging the update frequency of Zapier for your business operations.

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